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2022.06.05 15:29

Contact through Head Teachers

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The first way to contact teachers is through head teachers in PSM.


* Head teachers are not members of the PSM staff. They are also members of PSM like other teachers.


These are the perks if you find a teacher through a head teacher:


It might be faster to find the teacher you want among the teachers who are available.


The second is that head teachers are not only quite experienced in teaching but also in managing payments and scheduling, and if you want to change teachers, you can do it without a problem through a head teacher.


Third, the rate that students have to pay based on what is displayed in a teacher's profile will be the same even if you choose to contact a teacher through a head teacher. There will be no additional fees or charges.



The steps below are the ones that you'll expect to go through when you find a teacher through a head teacher.


1. The first step is to find the teacher you want to have a class with through the teachers' profiles.


2. You can click on the button in every teacher's profile.


3. You can fill in the form. It is a google form where you should provide some information asked.


4. The head teacher will contact you through the Kakaotalk ID you provided.


5. You can discuss and the decide on the time of the free class/level test.


6. You can have a free class with the two teachers you chose or the two teachers the head teacher chose with one free class with each teacher.


7. After the free classes, you can decide whether you'll have an official class.


8. You can start with the class officially after sending your payment.​




1. PSM is a free match-up community for Filipino ESL teachers.

2. PSM is only a go-between and is not involved in any transaction.

3. PSM will not be involved in any transactions and will not take any responsibilty for them.

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