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Welcome to PSM

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  Welcome to PSM

Good day! Welcome to PSM~

PSM is a free community that helps students and teachers meet directly and even conduct classes. It is not a company so it doesn’t require any payment from either students or teachers. The more active they are in the community; the more perks they can get.

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Through PSM, many teachers get students. Before regular classes begin, students can pay the teachers directly through some methods like PayPal. PSM is not involved with PayPal in any way.

For this reason, PSM carefully looks into teacher’s qualifications to verify teachers who join the community. This also ensures that transactions between students and teachers are secure. In addition, it prevents cases of exploiting the system. This does not apply only to teachers but also to all PSM members, including students. If it was discovered that a member has hindered the operation of the PSM community, activities of that member will be restricted. Please keep this in mind.

To join the website as a teacher, you have to follow the steps below:


1. Sign up for the PSM website

Signing up for the PSM website is really simple like other websites. Please remember that all information you enter should be factual. If it turns out that the information you gave is false, you might be restricted from accessing the community.

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Especially for the name, you should enter your full name. You should put your real birthdate.

Please visit the website through this link (https://www.psm-online.com/). Then, click on ‘Sign up’ at the top-right corner or the “회원가입” button above the sign in box.


2. How to send your resume

The PSM community has a Head teacher system. A head teacher can guide you on how you can submit your resume as your mentor.

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Since head teachers are also like other teachers in the community, later on, you can build up your career and also become a head teacher in PSM!

If you want to know more about head teachers, please click on the link below.

When you submit your resume, you can choose on the menu the head teacher you want to guide you.
※ The menu below will only appear after signing in


※ As of June 2022, there are two head teachers in PSM but this may change anytime.


You can access the page to send your resume to HT Rach through the link below.


You can access the page to send your resume to HT Ashley through the link below.




3. How to be verified

This step is not for checking whether you have vast ESL teaching experience. It will only be for the purpose of verifying the information you entered is correct.

Thumbs up with virtual fingerprint to scan biometric identity and access password thru fingerprints for technology security system and prevent hacker concept.

If there are no issues, you will be given a four-digit number, which will serve as your teacher number in the community. This number is very important so you have to remember because it will represent you as a member of the PSM community.

The four-digit number will be given to you by the head teacher or you can also check the number in the comment section under your application.

If you followed all the steps mentioned above, you’re ready to be verified as a teacher. You can get verified by clicking on the link below and fill out the form like what you did for the resume.

Before applying for verification, there are tasks that you need to accomplish. These tasks will be important to help you adjust in the community and will also make the community grow and get more attention.

  PSM is always rooting for Freelance Online ESL Teachers! It wishes you all the best.

Thank you!

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