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2022.08.08 17:06

3. Check Rates

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Are you curious about the rates for online classes in PSM? ^^

First of all, PSM is not an online ESL company. It does not receive or demand any money from students or teachers who join the PSM free community. Also, it is not involved in money transactions between teachers and students.


​The class rate that a student has to pay is specified in a teacher's profile, and the payment is directly sent to the teacher, so PSM is neither involved nor wants to be involved.

※ In the case of freelance teachers in the Philippines, they use PayPal as the payment method.

PSM is a community-type platform that helps students and teachers connect. Please understand it as a community that helps users, such as job sites or PtoP online markets.


​For offline or online ESL companies, only a portion of the tuition fee paid by students goes to teachers because they also have to pay for operations and get profit. This is a natural procedure and it can be a more stable and responsible way of operating from a managerial perspective.

However, PSM can be a little tricky and inconvenient, but it's a platform where teachers get payment from students directly. Since PSM does not receive any fees, 100% of the tuition paid by the student is delivered directly to the teacher.



Nowadays, people prefer planning their own trips to getting travel packages, and it is established as a trend for users to take time to find and use quality goods or services that are cheaper than branded ones.


Taking this into account, PSM has implemented a place where students and teachers can meet through a platform called a community, and convenience and stability in PSM are continuously being upgraded as important goals.

The choice is yours!

It's your choice and responsibility to use the service provided by the PSM community or to take the time to choose the best teacher for you.




1. PSM is a free match-up community for Filipino ESL teachers.
2. PSM is only a go-between and is not involved in any transaction.

3. PSM will not be involved in any transactions and will not take any responsibilty for them.

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