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    [Guide] How to use class pics section

    Class Pics Here, you can upload screenshots of your classes with your students. This will be a good way for you to promote yourself if you want to get private students because it will show students that you are currently conducting classes with students. If you think uploading your student's photo to...
    Date2022.07.09 Bynotice Reply5 Views347 Votes6 file
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  2. Handsome Singer ^^

    Class Story (수업 이야기) He's Yeoul, one of my regular students. He loves music, and sometimes he reads the article in rap mode. Hahaha. He sometimes makes some jokes in class, but today he shares his favorite songs. He likes English songs mostly Charlie Puth's songs. No wonder he's good at English ...
    Date2022.07.14 By0345_Mie Reply0 Views51 Votes3 file
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  3. Minju, My Cutest Student 

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Meet Minju, she's my cutest student. I like listening to her cute voice. She has good English pronunciation. She's very smart and attentive. She listens well and she didn't give me a hard time teaching her. A really good student, indeed! ^^
    Date2022.07.13 By0345_Mie Reply0 Views81 Votes2 file
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  4. Early-Morning Student

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Every Tuesday, I have to get up earlier than usual but it's worth it when the class I have progresses smoothly and effortlessly. This student of mine is one of my long-time students. It might be quite a challenge to come up with something to help him level up further, but it...
    Date2022.07.13 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views58 Votes1 file
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  5. Wonderful weekend with this cute kid!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I had a great time with this cute and active kid. He's very active that at times he shows me his magic flying act and his taekwondo moves. ^^ This time he really did the activity and followed the instructions. I really liked this kid. He makes my weekend fun.
    Date2022.07.12 By0345_Mie Reply0 Views81 Votes2 file
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  6. Inquisitive Student ^^

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Another great class with one of my favorite students. Meet Woojoo, my inquisitive student. She has a lot to share in class also. She wants to know everything and she really does a great job in all the activities. No boring classes with her. ^^
    Date2022.07.12 By0345_Mie Reply0 Views56 Votes2 file
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  7. Enjoy your life. You will never be young again

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Joopro was my very first student at PSM, thus she will always stand out in my memory. Other than that, though, what makes her difficult to forget are the lovely things she has told me. She would still leave me in astonishment because of her clever answers and her ability to ...
    Date2022.07.10 By0610_Joy Reply0 Views37 Votes2 file
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  8. What a clever invention!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) He is very honest and clever about what he wants to invent. He wants to make a robot that could do his homework for him, hahaha! He honestly said that he doesn't like doing his homework so I asked him, how are you going to study if you won't do your assignments, he just answ...
    Date2022.07.06 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views61 Votes4 file
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  9. My snappy salute to this man

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Peter has been my student for quite a long time. And I saw his journey in learning the English Language. At first, I remembered him as a reserved and shy student. He was timid and had difficulties in pronunciation. But with his great desire and eagerness to learn- you can se...
    Date2022.07.06 By0341_Gee Reply0 Views34 Votes3 file
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  10. Relationship advice haha CHAR

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Her name is Cutie. A very energetic student. She always talks about Disney characters. She loves to smile and laugh a lot. One time, she had an argument with her boyfriend and she was really crying while we were having a conversation. So, I made her smile and laugh the whole...
    Date2022.07.06 By0395_Von Reply0 Views49 Votes3 file
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  11. Who Makes Me Laugh?

    Class Story (수업 이야기) He never fails to make me laugh! I think even if he doesn't mean to, he says something funny and he doesn't even know it! Today, he told me that he doesn't remember his new P.E. teacher's name but he will tell me after he has more classes with him! Haha~ What a smart and fun...
    Date2022.07.05 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views40 Votes4 file
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  12. Happy Teacher

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I feel so happy and proud when I notice my students' progress. One of those students is her. Before, she had a hard time remembering how to read words and she couldn't identify the names of pictures, but now, she has found the best way to learn and it really works for her!
    Date2022.07.05 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views29 Votes2 file
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  13. Leo and I

    Class Story (수업 이야기) This is Leo. I think she is one of the cutest students that I've ever met. She wants to be a teacher and a scientist one day. She said that I am a kind, good, and funny teacher, but I think she's funnier than I am because one day she said she wants to have a 10-bedroom house...
    Date2022.07.04 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views50 Votes2 file
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  14. How She Stays Focused

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I told you she's hugging another stuffed toy this time~~ I think I'm going to see all her toys. Haha! Maybe they really make her more focused in class when she has a toy in her arms. It probably makes her extra happy and expressive in class as well!
    Date2022.07.04 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views54 Votes2 file
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  15. She Chose the Philippines! ^^

    Class Story (수업 이야기) My student really wants to come to the Philippines and it's quite surprising that she chose it over other countries. She has said so a number of times in class. I really hope I can see this little girl in person soon~~
    Date2022.07.04 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views36 Votes3 file
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  16. The Ideal Young Student

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Whoever said young kids could drain your energy in class? This student of mine is just chill. Though he's energetic, he doesn't get too playful that I'll need his mom's help to make him pay attention in class. He's so young but he's quite attentive and responsive!
    Date2022.07.04 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views77 Votes2 file
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  17. A typical class in a not-so-typical classroom

    Class Story (수업 이야기) My class with Cindy (my Intermediate student) ~ that night was different. While we were in class, she was walking down the street and concentrating on listening, answering, and doing the activities. She is smart, easy to learn, and knows a lot about every lesson we take. It'...
    Date2022.07.03 By0341_Gee Reply0 Views48 Votes1 file
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  18. Funny Story

    Class Story (수업 이야기) After a long day, I get a good laugh when I have a class with this student. I remember when I asked what he thinks his friend wants to become when he grows up. He always says that his friend wants to be a "memo ahjussi". I was clueless, but then, his mom explained and I real...
    Date2022.06.29 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views48 Votes4 file
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  19. My Grown-up Student

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Sometimes, when I have a class with this student of mine, I feel like I'm talking to an adult. The thing that reminds me that she's just in kindergarten is the various stuffed toys she hugs in class. (^o^)
    Date2022.06.29 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views54 Votes3 file
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  20. A Challenging Class

    Class Story (수업 이야기) It was a very challenging class today since I had to put more effort to keep my student's focus in our class. Though it was hard, I managed to make her respond to questions and repeat some sentences!
    Date2022.06.27 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views52 Votes1 file
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  21. A Fast learner

    Class Story (수업 이야기) A 50-minute class for a young learner can be quite long so it is a constant challenge for me to make my student be active until the end of the class. Though I need to give more energy in class than usual, this student of mine is a fast learner so I don't have to give too muc...
    Date2022.06.23 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views26 Votes0 file
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