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    [Guide] How to use class pics section

    Class Pics Here, you can upload screenshots of your classes with your students. This will be a good way for you to promote yourself if you want to get private students because it will show students that you are currently conducting classes with students. If you think uploading your student's photo to...
    Date2022.07.09 Bynotice Reply5 Views347 Votes6 file
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  2. Where is the ghost?

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Ghosts are hiding in the walls creeping out midnight calls. Who is afraid of ghosts? Not Sofia!! Nah ah!! She can beat that ghosts!! She just like chocolates and candies in the trick or treat.
    Date2022.09.21 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views24 Votes3 file
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  3. Palm reader

    Class Story (수업 이야기) We talk about time and suddenly he said .. You need to show me your hand because I'm a plam reader" so I showed my hands and he said "I saw nothing because I'm a not a plam reader lol ( he's saying it with his serious face) funny student lol
    Date2022.09.21 By0168_Mary Reply1 Views26 Votes4 file
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  4. My Diligent Ally

    Class Story (수업 이야기) A diligent student is faithful in everyday tasks. That is Alyssa And she produces excellent work in class.
    Date2022.09.21 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views16 Votes2 file
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  5. The Artist

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I would like to introduce one of my students she's young and she's very talented. She drew the finger heart on the spot and she also showed me her other artworks. I was amazed by her talent and how beautiful her art is. Indeed she's a young artist and I'm sure she will go pl...
    Date2022.09.20 By0008_Ashley Reply1 Views24 Votes4 file
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  6. Buckle Up

    Class Story (수업 이야기) My student shared in class about a movie she watched. She could not recall its title but it served as an eye opener for her in terms of the importance of wearing seat belt while driving. She said, “to reduce any serious car crash injuries ~ buckle up”.
    Date2022.09.20 By0482_Lilymay Reply0 Views18 Votes0 file
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  7. Wide Awake

    Class Story (수업 이야기) ' Yes, he is truly wide awake. Our class time is in the evening at 10: 00 o'clock. He is focused and so excited in class. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
    Date2022.09.17 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views27 Votes21 file
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  8. Playful Tiger!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Don't let this playful tiger fool you, even for a second! He is the most articulate 9 year old I've ever come across. He is one of my first online student. We work on everything from school projects to English composistion.
    Date2022.09.17 By0382_Jo Reply1 Views39 Votes4 file
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  9. Shy Girl

    Class Story (수업 이야기) New students always feel shy to talk to their new teachers and Eunbeen is not different. At the beginning of the class, she already made a disclaimer that she couldn't speak well. To make her feel comfortable, I jokingly told her my English is not as good as she thinks it is...
    Date2022.09.16 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views22 Votes3 file
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  10. Bookish!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I love people who like to read, I love people who are bookish, I love this girl! I don't wonder why she is so prim and proper, reading a lot makes you one.
    Date2022.09.15 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views28 Votes4 file
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  11. The connection!!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Such people have excellent body language with a permanent smile on their faces and as we all know the smile is contagious so it automatically catches your attention. Look how he smiles!!
    Date2022.09.14 By0341_Gee Reply0 Views43 Votes2 file
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  12. Hinnamnor

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I have been too busy lately that I missed watching the news. Thanks to my student who shared about the typhoon that hit their place recently. Only then have I searched and known that Hinnamnor was that same Philippine super typhoon, Henry.
    Date2022.09.13 By0482_Lilymay Reply2 Views45 Votes2 file
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  13. Word Unscrambler

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Momo (my student's name) is a fast learner student who knows a great deal about a variety of topics and has a quicker grasp and recollection of factual information ... Two thumbs up for her!!
    Date2022.09.13 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views33 Votes1 file
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  14. Decisions

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Sometimes in life we have to make some easy and as well as difficult decisions, but whatever it is that you have chosen, you should stand up for what you believe and never regret, as per Monica.
    Date2022.09.12 By0564_Amy Reply1 Views64 Votes4 file
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  15. Frank the walking dictionary

    Class Story (수업 이야기) He was the one who took this photo and sent it to me. He was just grateful that's why he took it. He studies 30 to 50 words a day to improve his English skills. I think he can learn 350 words per week!
    Date2022.09.12 By0564_Amy Reply1 Views36 Votes2 file
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  16. She's a JOY! ^^

    Class Story (수업 이야기) She's one of my students whose energy level seems to remain from start to finish of class. She usually has a lot of stories to tell and she likes to play 'hide and seek' sometimes. In times when we want our students to cooperate with us, we have to learn to indulge them a li...
    Date2022.09.12 By0001_Rach Reply2 Views38 Votes4 file
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  17. Go beyond the book!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) My early finisher student enjoyed this fun activity- 2 pics one word. More word work activities are great for early finishers like him. David for one was delighted doing this!!
    Date2022.09.09 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views31 Votes3 file
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  18. She Got an A!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I have been teaching this young lady for years. Sometimes we need to do more than one school subject. Today we needed to do her English composition, while reviewing for Science, and an Arts project. We decided that we will make a comic book about an astronaut exploring the d...
    Date2022.09.09 By0382_Jo Reply2 Views43 Votes5 file
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  19. 1,2,3 Cheese

    Class Story (수업 이야기) My student has a new iPad and the camera is really interesting. Wherever she goes it follows her. It zooms in and zooms out. So imagine what happened to our class? We were distracted and amazed by it, so our lesson flew out the window and we just had free talking, about this...
    Date2022.09.07 By0008_Ashley Reply1 Views24 Votes1 file
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  20. Trust

    Class Story (수업 이야기) One of the many things she learned from her parents is TRUST. She added that when she’ll have kids of her own, she’ll teach them the same.
    Date2022.09.04 By0482_Lilymay Reply0 Views39 Votes3 file
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  21. She is a Dream!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Having a class with this classy lady is a dream! She can talk about anything under the sun. She is opinionated and will explain and elaborate on her views on a certain topic. You can tell that she is well informed about the fast changing times. She is a woman of the world. K...
    Date2022.09.02 By0382_Jo Reply2 Views49 Votes3 file
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