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    [Guide] How to use class pics section

    Class Pics Here, you can upload screenshots of your classes with your students. This will be a good way for you to promote yourself if you want to get private students because it will show students that you are currently conducting classes with students. If you think uploading your student's photo to...
    Date2022.07.09 Bynotice Reply5 Views347 Votes6 file
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  2. Guess what am I?

    Class Story (수업 이야기) This student is very playful we haven't seen each other for 2 weeks because he went on vacation. And after a long time, the first thing that he told me was " Let's play a game because we haven't seen each other for a long time" I laughed and told him " No, we must study beca...
    Date2022.08.16 By0008_Ashley Reply3 Views57 Votes4 file
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  3. A hardworking Engineer

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Selena is my adult student in my Conversation Class. With her busy schedule as an Engineer - she believes that Learning English is paramount to her career. So she needs extensive study to learn the language because she is dealing with different walks of life. Good luck Engin...
    Date2022.08.16 By0341_Gee Reply4 Views19 Votes1 file
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    Class Story (수업 이야기) AMAZING RIGHT? WOW PETER AND OSCAR have the same birthday with me (AUGUST 29) that's why we have the same level of energy in our class ^^ what I love about the twins is that they listen to you carefully ,specially when we have English games activities they listen to the ques...
    Date2022.08.15 By0168_Mary Reply2 Views28 Votes1 file
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  5. Peace not War

    Class Story (수업 이야기) "Peace not war", this is something my student and I believe, but on the event that war breaks, he is willing to fight for his family's sake.
    Date2022.08.11 By0482_Lilymay Reply3 Views50 Votes3 file
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  6. The Sweetest Smile

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Nothing is more pure, soulful, and cute than a little smiling Aileen! That smile is contagious!!
    Date2022.08.11 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views27 Votes2 file
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  7. Selfie Girl

    Class Story (수업 이야기) This is my playful student who likes taking photos. I should be always careful when we have a class cause she'll suddenly snap a photo while we are in the middle of our class and after that, we will both check who looks funnier between the two of us and then laugh at each ot...
    Date2022.08.09 By0008_Ashley Reply2 Views26 Votes1 file
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  8. Sunday Mornings

    Class Story (수업 이야기) It's always a relief that I get to spend a part of my rest day having a class with someone who has improved a lot. She's definitely ready for something much more challenging~~
    Date2022.08.08 By0001_Rach Reply1 Views34 Votes2 file
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  9. Mark his words

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Mark said I was beautiful. And I believe him. This kid is my student in Phonics and likes role-playing in class. So I am hoping he finds me beautiful then.
    Date2022.08.08 By0341_Gee Reply3 Views20 Votes4 file
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  10. Sister of a sister

    Class Story (수업 이야기) This is Carina. Can you imagine that she is the sister of my student (Jenny) 10 years ago? Today was a fun class for us, we exchanged stories and talked about her sister Jenny.
    Date2022.08.07 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views43 Votes3 file
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  11. Curry Bread

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Saturday class with this smart little lady. I know that her favorite food is curry but I was surprised when I asked her what her favorite bread is, and her answer was "curry bread". :)
    Date2022.08.07 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views30 Votes2 file
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  12. Conjugality

    Class Story (수업 이야기) My fabulous student has wonderful answers to questions regarding MARRIAGE.
    Date2022.08.05 By0482_Lilymay Reply0 Views81 Votes4 file
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  13. Cactus by Kim

    Class Story (수업 이야기) It was an ordinary class with Kim~ my conversation student, in which he would like to know more about cacti. So what I did, as I have shown him a photo of this cactus, he ended up like he knew everything about the cactus. To my surprise, her mom has a collection of cacti. Th...
    Date2022.08.05 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views61 Votes4 file
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  14. She's in LOVE

    Class Story (수업 이야기) YES, you heard it right. She's in LOVE because her name is LOVE!! My conversation adult student with her amazing smile. Look how happy she is. She communicates well and was able to express herself clearly. Love makes our class lively. She had many things in mind to share. Wh...
    Date2022.08.03 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views49 Votes3 file
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  15. Predictions

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Today, me and my student had an activity wherein she will be guessing what will happen next. She scored a total of 4 points out of 8 situations. Not bad considering some of them were really unexpected.
    Date2022.08.02 By0285_Jay Reply1 Views43 Votes3 file
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  16. My Little Island Girl

    Class Story (수업 이야기) When the two of you are having fun while learning, it will never be a chore. This is Kyulin, my little island girl. We started our classes as face to face after school tutoring. We moved on to online tutoring after the pandemic and her family had to move back to Korea and I ...
    Date2022.08.02 By0382_Jo Reply2 Views77 Votes4 file
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  17. Never a dull moment with my Jeong-min!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) She never ran out of stories! Always know how to make me laugh! Such a very smart little girl
    Date2022.07.29 By0586_Mira Reply1 Views50 Votes4 file
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  18. Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Class Story (수업 이야기) He was camping but he still wanted to have a class~ It's always great to have a class with him. It's like he's my weekly dose of laughter. Every time we have a class, my eyes would seem like just two lines because of the big smile I have on my face! 😊😆 A class with a student...
    Date2022.07.29 By0001_Rach Reply1 Views39 Votes2 file
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  19. Dr. Oscar!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Doctor Oscar! Yes, that's right! He wants to be callled Dr. Oscar because he would like to time travel just like his favorite hero Dr. Strange!
    Date2022.07.29 By0564_Amy Reply1 Views25 Votes1 file
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  20. Loud and Proud

    Class Story (수업 이야기) This is the part when I asked my lovely student if she could have picked her own name, what would it be. Loud and proud, she answered it would still be the Korean name given by her parents.
    Date2022.07.29 By0482_Lilymay Reply2 Views74 Votes2 file
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  21. Adorable Mia

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Look how adorable she is. Her name is Mia, my 5-year-old conversation student. At a young age, she can read simply to more complex sentences. She can communicate well using the English language. She impresses me because she can stay focused in our 25-minute class with little...
    Date2022.07.28 By0341_Gee Reply4 Views54 Votes5 file
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