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    [Guide] How to use class pics section

    Class Pics Here, you can upload screenshots of your classes with your students. This will be a good way for you to promote yourself if you want to get private students because it will show students that you are currently conducting classes with students. If you think uploading your student's photo to...
    Date2022.07.09 Bynotice Reply5 Views346 Votes6 file
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  2. Elated to Meet You

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I am so glad to finally put a face behind the posted writings in PSM Cafe. Cheers to more classes with you.
    Date2022.10.11 By0482_Lilymay Reply0 Views26 Votes2 file
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  3. Future Veterinarian

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Her favorite animal is rabbit. She wants to be an animal doctor in the future.
    Date2022.10.10 By0564_Amy Reply2 Views22 Votes2 file
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  4. I found my earnest student

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Lilo is an attentive learner who is always ready for details. He listens attentively, reads, and follows instructions carefully. That makes me serious too!!
    Date2022.10.07 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views31 Votes4 file
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  5. Stay Still! ^^

    Class Story (수업 이야기) One of the challenges of having young students is getting them to stay in the center of the screen. The first several minutes are okay, but then, as the time nears the end of the class, they seem to start sinking to the bottom of the screen. This student is one of them. She ...
    Date2022.10.06 By0001_Rach Reply1 Views26 Votes1 file
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  6. Happy Three (3) years

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Her name is Monica. She has been my ESL student for three years now (as in Today) Oct 5. From being a shy little girl to an improved learner. She is developing her self-confidence and she is becoming a witty one. A proud Teacher Gee here! All the best to you today (and in th...
    Date2022.10.06 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views25 Votes4 file
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  7. Sundays With Joo

    Class Story (수업 이야기) We hold ourselves to higher than usual standards of achievement. We start our Sundays in a Happy way... Because we believe happy and calm learners learn best.
    Date2022.10.06 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views53 Votes1 file
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  8. Busy Frank.

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Frank is always busy. He runs his own company and attends his classes everyday, he is now even a new father! amazing!
    Date2022.10.04 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views26 Votes2 file
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  9. Young professional.

    Class Story (수업 이야기) After work, she goes to the gym, after gym she will have her meal then attend her English classes every Tuesdays with me, This is a regular routine for Korean young professionals 'she said ^^
    Date2022.10.04 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views16 Votes2 file
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  10. I am amazed by her enthusiasm!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) She went to the academy in the morning, then attended her art class, she did some school work and attented her English class with me, what a truly enthusiastic girl!
    Date2022.10.04 By0564_Amy Reply1 Views20 Votes1 file
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  11. Doctor Grace

    Class Story (수업 이야기) When you and your student were talking about the lesson with the topic HOLIDAY- you were both excited. Nowadays, most people love holidays because they are an opportunity to break from routine life and help to refresh oneself.
    Date2022.09.30 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views15 Votes1 file
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  12. Brain Breaks

    Class Story (수업 이야기) The best brain breaks get students up and moving. This serves three purposes. The first is to get a few wiggles out. The second is to get more oxygen to their brains. And the last is for us teachers to get loosened up. Win-win. Go Ivan!!!
    Date2022.09.30 By0341_Gee Reply0 Views16 Votes1 file
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  13. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder?

    Class Story (수업 이야기) We were discussing if these statements, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "Beauty is in the eye of the wearer" are both true or debatable. Interesting conversation about beauty indeed!
    Date2022.09.28 By0382_Jo Reply0 Views22 Votes1 file
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  14. A Magical Ella

    Class Story (수업 이야기) You can have a great laugh with this student of mine. She is a real stress reliever per se. She can make funny faces while in class. Ella as I call her is a girl with an enchanting-sounding name that has a few different meanings. A magical Ella.
    Date2022.09.27 By0341_Gee Reply0 Views13 Votes0 file
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  15. Jin the great!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Oh Jin is a worrier, he worries about everything, about work, family, relationships.. but I think I undesrtand him.. he likes things done and he wants to provide for his family that's why he worries about them all the time, I told him to relax.
    Date2022.09.27 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views14 Votes1 file
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  16. My most serious student

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Mary is a very serious student, It is very hard to make her laugh, so sometimes I find it awkward, but then I got used to her being formal :)) I just realized that she and I could jive in spite of the differences.
    Date2022.09.27 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views15 Votes1 file
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  17. Building Relationship

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I have to agree my student’s statement that building relationship through face-to-face meeting is more meaningful, personal and better than the ones simply done online.
    Date2022.09.27 By0482_Lilymay Reply0 Views27 Votes0 file
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  18. Alice in English land

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Like Alice in Wonderland, Alice in English land is also polite, well raised, and interested in other things, although she sometimes has difficulties in pronouncing the words- Alice in English land is very much focused on learning the English language. By the way, Alice in En...
    Date2022.09.23 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views14 Votes1 file
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  19. Creative Writing

    Class Story (수업 이야기) There is no such thing as too young when it comes to teaching creative writing. We don't need to start with paper and pen in hand, we start creative writing from the child's imagination. This is how we, my student and I, started our writing class. Now that she's older, and c...
    Date2022.09.23 By0382_Jo Reply1 Views19 Votes1 file
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  20. Most Improved Student ^^

    Class Story (수업 이야기) From a Pre-beginner who knew only the English alphabet at the beginning, he has greatly improved! Now, he's a middle to a high beginner. I get surprised when he blurts out sentences and he even throws in good expressions at times. He told me that his book is too easy for him...
    Date2022.09.23 By0001_Rach Reply2 Views24 Votes3 file
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  21. Excited soon to be father!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Frank is going to be a father soon, his wife will give birth next week. He is a little nervous too, that's why taking some time off and having some classes help him to remove the nervousness he feels. He likes studying.
    Date2022.09.22 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views45 Votes3 file
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