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    [Guide] How to use class pics section

    Class Pics Here, you can upload screenshots of your classes with your students. This will be a good way for you to promote yourself if you want to get private students because it will show students that you are currently conducting classes with students. If you think uploading your student's photo to...
    Date2022.07.09 Bynotice Reply5 Views347 Votes6 file
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  2. The Singer, who sings, in class.

    Class Story (수업 이야기) My student is a great singer. But the problem with him is he will suddenly sing in the middle of the class, so our class will become a singing class. During this time I asked him to recommend a song and he happily said "Yes" and shared his screen. The title is Traffic Light....
    Date2022.09.01 By0008_Ashley Reply0 Views30 Votes1 file
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  3. everything is EASY DIFFICULT!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) This girl is amazing! Eventhough we both know that English is difficult, she manages to make her way. She is a persevering studdent that's why she can make difficult tasks easier. Kudos Seula!
    Date2022.09.01 By0564_Amy Reply0 Views30 Votes2 file
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  4. An angel without wings!

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Letting her do the talking in class makes her more comfortable finishing the activity. Wow!! And she did it amazingly. (Oh! by the way, She wants to be a great speaker someday!)
    Date2022.08.31 By0341_Gee Reply0 Views32 Votes4 file
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  5. Building Relationships

    Class Story (수업 이야기) He said, "one way to build a good relationship with customers is to listen". I can’t agree more. We are given two ears and a mouth for a reason. J
    Date2022.08.31 By0482_Lilymay Reply0 Views22 Votes2 file
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  6. Suh-yeok is the one wo calls me "handsome teacher".

    Class Story (수업 이야기) The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
    Date2022.08.30 By0395_Von Reply2 Views48 Votes4 file
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  7. Happy Pill

    Class Story (수업 이야기) If your student is active ~ be more boisterous!! He is always looking forward to attending the class.
    Date2022.08.29 By0341_Gee Reply2 Views41 Votes5 file
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  8. Trip Down Memory Lane

    Class Story (수업 이야기) He was in Baguio in his teens. We took some trip down memory lane in our class today. In this pic, he vividly described the tiny feet of three one-day old chicks (odocs) in a skewer sold on the streets. We remembered DVDs being sold along the road many years ago. He recalled...
    Date2022.08.26 By0482_Lilymay Reply1 Views34 Votes0 file
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  9. energetic student

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Teaching kids who are really energetic really gives you the Boost to teach them. He's a kid who always likes to play while having class.
    Date2022.08.26 By0395_Von Reply2 Views32 Votes6 file
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  10. "At the Bar"

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I was nervous about the topic for my 14-year-old student~ Beer or cocktail? But it went well- some sort of counseling happened in my class. Wendy understood that the legal age to try these kinds of drinks is 18 years old. She grinned and smiled.
    Date2022.08.26 By0341_Gee Reply2 Views39 Votes6 file
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  11. Student Leo-Teacher Mary

    Future writer What I like about this kid is that she's always excited in our English class,which I love the most! you know what she will send you a message 20 0r 10 minutes before the class, she want's me to know that she is ready to learn. And why I can say that she will be Author in the future? she...
    Date2022.08.26 By0168_Mary Reply1 Views9 Votes2 file
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  12. International Man of Mystery

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Whoever says that Austin Powers is the only International Man of Mystery, has never met, or at least had the chance to talk to Ethan. We all had a class or two with him, and yet we've never really seen the guy! But with that being said, I enjoy having classes with him. He is...
    Date2022.08.25 By0382_Jo Reply2 Views54 Votes8 file
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  13. Sweet Leo

    Class Story (수업 이야기) We are studying grammar, reading, speaking and oliver twist!! this girl is sooooo amazing she, she melts my heart!
    Date2022.08.25 By0564_Amy Reply1 Views88 Votes8 file
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  14. Fridays with Jessica

    Class Story (수업 이야기) She is an ideal student - kept her work organized, took down notes religiously, and thought through concepts and ideas. She is Jessica~ an 11-year-old student in my conversation class. She is seriously studying her course material. I advised her that she needs some time to r...
    Date2022.08.24 By0341_Gee Reply1 Views25 Votes1 file
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  15. Together Mode, Her Favorite

    Class Story (수업 이야기) This is one of the views on Skype and my student loves this mode so much. She said it's like we are in one place there is no screen between us. But she always caught me off guard because she will suddenly click on this mode without telling me. It's fine because she does it a...
    Date2022.08.23 By0008_Ashley Reply2 Views32 Votes3 file
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  16. He Likes to Say "No!"

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I didn't see this student of mine for almost two weeks because of the summer break. But now, he's back and he still has all that energy that radiates from him every time. The funniest thing he said in our class this week? Me: Really? You don't like the Lego your mom bought f...
    Date2022.08.23 By0001_Rach Reply2 Views34 Votes2 file
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  17. Her Speech Contest Piece ^^

    Class Story (수업 이야기) She shares her contest piece for her academy class in today's class. I was so happy and proud that she could memorize and pronounce all the words. She was able to enunciate and also add some actions during her speech. She's a great student who wants to make her English speak...
    Date2022.08.18 By0345_Mie Reply0 Views18 Votes3 file
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  18. Our First Meeting

    Class Story (수업 이야기) It was my first class with Peter. I have to tell you, this kid is an awesome mix of participation and intelligent play. You can just tell that he loves the interaction between the two of you and the lesson. He finds ways to add realism to make it more uderstandable for him, ...
    Date2022.08.18 By0382_Jo Reply0 Views18 Votes2 file
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  19. A Relaxed Class

    Class Story (수업 이야기) I might look serious but only because the issues we discuss are serious. It's not every day when you can talk to someone in a more relaxed way in class because you don't need to make them active and stay focused continuously. Though this is an early class, I don't feel tired...
    Date2022.08.18 By0001_Rach Reply0 Views20 Votes3 file
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  20. Student Jay -Teacher Mary

    Class Story (수업 이야기) What motivates me to wake up in th morning? It is Jay's class because he is very funny and a witty little kid let me share this pictures below, WHY I HAVE SUCH KIND OF REACTION? Story time , I ask him that question ,What do you say when you first meet someone for the first t...
    Date2022.08.18 By0168_Mary Reply0 Views33 Votes1 file
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  21. Spot on

    Class Story (수업 이야기) Simplification of processes in an organization is very important as per my student.
    Date2022.08.17 By0482_Lilymay Reply0 Views25 Votes2 file
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