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가입인사 쓰기 (Greeting)
1. 간단한 개인 소개 부탁 드립니다. 일, 취미, 특기 등
(Give a short self-introduction)

Learning English is not just about grammar or making better sentences, it is also about chances to speak up and to be heard by others.

Hi! I'm Jane, I am a Licensed Teacher that holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education. I have spent the last three years working as an ESL teacher to different foreign students. And with my skills and experiences, I can assure to my students that I can provide them an adequate English training.  I’ll make sure that their skills in listening, reading, especially in speaking are improving. Learning a new skill such as a new language will take time. If I feel like my student’s progress is slow, I motivate them by telling these wise words from Confucius, "It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop". I know they can do it. They just have to believe in themselves and trust me as their English tutor.

2. 학생(일반회원)이세요? 혹은 선생님이세요?
(Are you a Student or a Teacher?)
I am a teacher.
3. 필선모는 무료 중개 커뮤니티라는 거 알고 있으시죠? ^^
(Do you know that PSM is a free match-up community? ^^)

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