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  1. T. Brette - 0180

    Introduction : Hi, I’m Teacher Brette. Teaching has been my passion. I have taught different levels and different nationalities whether it be online or offline. I make sure my students learn something in every lesson. I am dedicated in everything I do, which makes me effective as a teacher. Book a cl...
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  2. T. Hariet - 0159

    Introduction : Hi there! My name is Teacher Hariet. In my years in ESL, I’ve faced different types of students. Definitely, I’m the type of teacher who blends in. That depends on the students that I have. I can be strict or be a funny one. We, teachers, have to blend in of course to make students bet...
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  3. T. Jessie - 0145

    Introduction : Hello everyone! I am Teacher Jessie. I believe everyone can learn, improve and be fluent in English, and I am here as your guide in your journey to mastering the English language. Studying a different language doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated as long as you have hard work, ...
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  4. T. Elee - 0126

    Introduction : Hi there! Teacher Elee here. Let me give you some tips on how to improve your English communication skills. First, talk slowly to give you enough time to think of what you are going to say next. Next is to learn how to pronounce English words correctly. And, try to use the English lang...
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  5. T. Kendra - 0124

    Introduction : Hi! My name is Teacher Kendra. I have been teaching ESL for quite some time so I assure you that my class will not only be fun but also interesting. Learning the language is sometimes or should I say always stressful for beginners but we can add a bit of TLC (tender loving care) in eve...
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  6. T. Angel - 0615

    Introduction : Hi, everyone! I’m Teacher Angel. I’ve been teaching ESL for quite a while now and like the other teachers in PSM, I hope that I’ll be given the opportunity to share my knowledge and use my skills to help my students learn or improve in English. Let me be one of your teachers and have a...
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  7. T. Dani - 0121

    Introduction : Hi, I'm Teacher Dani! I help people overcome their fear of learning and speaking English, build their confidence and become a better speaker of the language. In my class, you can have an interactive, funny, and interesting experience. I'm excited to see you so we can enjoy, laugh, and ...
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  8. T. Jonna - 0120

    Introduction : Hello! I’m Teacher Jonna. Teaching is my passion and it feels great to impart my knowledge in English to students. I’m very patient and I always utilize my training and experience to have a quality lesson. During my spare time, I read books, go shopping, watch English movies, and play ...
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  9. T. Cynth - 0112

    Introduction : My name is Teacher Cynthia. I have taught in an international school for various students. During my leisure time, I love taking pictures of things which I think are very attractive. Furthermore, music is one of my comforts, so I listen to it every day. One thing’s for sure, I guarante...
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  10. T. Abby - 0090

    Introduction : Teaching is a career of my own choosing. I love communicating with people from different countries as it gives me more understanding of diverse cultures. I am very open to teaching others since I believe that I also learn something from them.I'll be happy to share with you my vast know...
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